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About Carol's Natural

Driven By Success

Carol's Natural

Born and raised in Banting, I now reside with my family in Nilai, Malaysia. Carol’s Natural is a line of natural handmade soaps that are close to my heart.

               My love affair and fascination with soaps started when I visited a flea market in Melbourne in 2015. I loved the different shapes and colors. The textures were smooth and tantalizing, and they felt great on my skin. I couldn’t find such soaps back at home. They were expensive online. Then I thought, why don’t I make my own? That’s when I did intensive research on the internet and I joined chat groups. Thanks for the informative interaction with others, ideas kept flowing! So I purchased all the materials, but fear and anxiety gripped me. What if this project fails, but I took courage and did it – and I’ve never turned back since.

               I remember my first soap – Calming Camomile Oatmeal. I fashioned it without chemicals or fragrances and maintained it naturally. It was unbelievable. The joy was immeasurable.

               Now I’ve crafted about 70 different soaps with different natural ingredients – all unique in their own way. I’ve even used moringa leaves from my garden and curry leaves to spice up my concoctions. The responses to all of it have been intense. I’ve received over 1,000 likes on my Instagram and Facebook pages, and more keep coming.

               But my greatest satisfaction is when someone tells me that my soap has made a difference to them, this is what fulfills me most. It encourages me to stretch my creativity to continue to raise the bar higher.

Note - Please get permission if you would like to use any of our images in this website.

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